Why Should You Bother Installing Granite Countertops in St. Louis?

Replacing the countertop is one the most common kitchen renovation projects because it has both decorative and practical purposes. However, choosing the best countertop material can be difficult because a lot of factors have to be considered, including cost, durability, aesthetics, and maintenance. Suite 101 suggests that granite be one of the main options of people looking for a new countertop:

Once it is polished, the high gloss will last forever but there is some ongoing care required. The normal use of knives will not scratch the surface and hot cookware can be placed directly on granite without dulling the finish. Granite will not chip unless you decide to use a sledgehammer.

This claim is not exaggerated, given that granite is an igneous rock that has been treated to extreme pressures and temperatures, making it very durable. Geographic factors can also alter the visual properties of granite, creating various natural designs and patterns that give the rock a unique beauty. Moreover, makers of granite countertops in St. Louis, like Granite Busters, pick their slabs from a variety of quarries across the country. Quarries in Missouri are particularly known for their abundance of red granite, which is used as an exterior construction material for buildings and some houses.

Features and Benefits of Granite Counter Tops

In itself, granite is a remarkable material because it has a unique, luminous look and the durability that is typical of volcanic rocks. It is generally non-porous, which means it resists liquid spills rather than absorbs them. Furthermore, its non-porous surface allows it to be cleaned with mild detergents rather easily—a useful characteristic for kitchen countertops. Since it has already been pressure and heat-treated before being put on the market, granite can also resist burns from a hot pan or cooking pot.

Perhaps the only downside to granite countertops is that their durability may also be a liability; they are generally too heavy and expensive to replace easily. Granite slabs that were not treated with water-based sealants can also be stained by oil-based products. Fortunately, makers of granite countertops from St. Louis, MO or elsewhere can offer these special treatments and improve the strength of the already-durable products.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Features and Benefits of Granite Counter Tops, Suite 101, November 04, 2013)

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