What You Need to Know When Getting Granite Countertops in St Louis

Granite is one of the sturdiest natural materials that you can use for your home. It is particularly an excellent choice for kitchen countertops because it does not end up hosting bacteria that can affect your food preparation and cooking. However, some people might still have misconceptions about granite countertops for St Louis homes. Here is some basic information that can help you dispel a few countertop myths.

Resin Treatments

The great thing about granite is that it can lend your kitchen an incredible sense of individuality, thanks to its innumerable pattern and color combinations. However, its colors are not always completely natural. Granite countertops, in the manufacturing process, are sometimes treated with resin, which can cause the stone to change color over time.

Everything You Need to Know About Granite Countertops

Cost-Affecting Factors

Granite contains calcite, a material that makes it prone to acid damage. The less calcite there is in the slab, the more expensive it tends to be. Remember this if you want to spare no expense when buying your kitchen countertop. The size or thickness of the slab also affects the cost. Whenever you’re paying for cheap granite, you might be getting a thinner and less sturdy slab.

Purchase and Installation

Installing your granite countertop is not an easy nor simple task. You would need the help of a professional installer to complete the job efficiently. Hence, you should make sure that the fabricator you’re buying your granite from can also install it. Companies like Granite Busters should have teams of installers ready to answer your call for professional help.


An article on Ask.com offers advice on how to maintain granite countertops:

  • Even though it’s not as porous as marble, granite sometimes needs to be sealed regularly in order to stay stain-resistant and maintain its durability and overall appearance.
  • When in doubt, use a warm water and soap mixture to clean your granite.
  • Granite can be vulnerable to etching when put in contact with acidic liquids like lemon juice and vinegar.

Kitchen countertops for St. Louis homes should be made of sturdy, durable, and long-lasting materials—all qualities that granite possesses. By getting a countertop installed right, and maintaining it properly, you can rest assured it will serve you well in all your food preparation, cooking, and other kitchen needs.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Everything You Need to Know About Granite Countertops, Ask.com, February 4, 2011)

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