Slabs of Granite from St Louis Suppliers Make the Best Kitchen Surface

To have an elegant and highly useful kitchen in St. Louis, homeowners should consider installing countertops made of granite—arguably one of the cleanest and safest countertop choices on the market.

Granite is known as a non-porous material with low volatile organic compounds, substances that are dangerous to the health and the environment. The non-porous nature of this material also prevents bacteria from forming due to exposure to moisture and dirt. However, there are nuances to be taken note of when selecting countertops made of this material.

Granite Slab Countertops

Lee Wallender’s article on provides answers to the questions people ask most frequently when they are choosing or purchasing granite countertops for kitchens. Wallender explains that granite countertops come in two types of cut—slab and modular—which each offers a unique set of benefits. However, slab granite can be considered preferable because it needs no backing material. The continuity of its surface also makes it insusceptible to seeping.

In contrast, the modular version requires sufficient backing to prevent seepage in between the pieces. Wallender further compares the two types:

In terms of performance, slab granite countertops are little different from tile or modular granite. But the main difference is the dearth of seams. While no granite slab countertop can be expected to have zero seams, the number of seams are greatly limited. And obviously, if your countertop is no more than 7 feet wide, you might even have a seamless granite counter.

Besides appreciating their high strength and density, homeowners would love granite counters for their natural beauty. Each cut comes in distinct patterns and colors, which is why most designers claim that no two granite counters are the same. Homeowners can choose among styles ranging from black forest to black galaxy and decide which fits well with their kitchen interior. To get the best selection of high-quality slabs of granite in St Louis, it is crucial to visit only reliable suppliers, such as Granite Busters.

Unfortunately, not all granite counter installers know the type of granite that best suits a kitchen. In such cases, the homeowner or the installers themselves can consult expert designers, who usually work with St. Louis granite suppliers. This is extremely important considering that the material is not easy to transport and install.

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