Show Me Some Stone: Tips on Remodels with Granite for St. Louis Homes

Upgrading a home requires creativity and careful planning when selecting a material. Among the highly sought materials for countertops, especially in kitchen remodels, granite calls for careful planning and installation. Caroline Shannon-Karasik writes for HGTV Remodels:

“Perhaps the all-star of kitchen countertops, granite surfaces are versatile, durable and a natural fit in many kitchen areas. Although considered a high-end surface choice, a granite countertop will last for years to come and require little maintenance.”

On the national scale, Remodeling magazine shows that a number of home renovations consistently yield more than a 70% return on investments. Over at The Show Me State where evidence ideally backs facts, mid-range kitchen remodels in St. Louis are within the top spots at 73-77% recoup. Installing granite in St. Louis kitchens, as well as other parts of the home, is a viable option to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your cooking space.

Show Me Some Stone: Tips on Remodels with Granite for St. Louis Homes

In doing a kitchen renovation, total redesign is not necessary. In fact, simply replacing furniture and wares, such as the countertops, can make a huge difference. Installing a sleek granite countertop instantly adds an elegant touch to the heart of the house. For a visually-stimulating effect, lighter granite shades can boldly complement dark wooden cabinets

Other parts of the kitchen and the home can be transformed with granite as well. Granite may be arranged onto the kitchen backsplash (areas between the counters and appliances or suspended cabinets). Specially cut and designed slabs of granite can be used to decorate the home as coffee tables, fireplace hearths, bathroom vanities, and lawn benches with or without matching tables.

As part of any home upgrade project, granite is definitely worth every extra penny. Despite busy chores done on its surface, the low-maintenance material exhibits strength and resistance to stains and damage. Its versatility also makes it possible to mix and match it with cabinets, wall paint, and other fixtures to either yield a timeless rustic appeal or a more contemporary interior.

Due to the nature of the stone, only professionals with enough experience in granite handling can guarantee satisfactory results when it comes to installation. Established companies like Granite Busters offers a wide variety of St. Louis granite slabs in their inventory. Maximize the potential of this popular countertop material by purchasing from industry leaders and entrusting its installation only to experts.

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