Knowing Your Granite: How to Choose the Right Style for Your Home

With 2014 underway, some homeowners from Missouri and other parts of the country opt to start the year by upgrading their homes with various types of home improvement and remodeling projects. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most favorite areas homeowners want to play around with when it comes to infusing their design ideas using some of the finest and most elegant materials available – like granite. An article posted on discusses the distinct benefits of granite:

“Granite remains atop the most popular list. Its appealing nature and variety of natural designs and styles reaches out to more people than most other countertop materials. Its price does fluctuate [sometimes] based on where the slab is quarried, but it is a worthy investment all the same.”

Shopping for the right type of granite in St. Louis that perfectly fits your kitchen or bathroom can be a tall order, considering the many different styles that are available in the market. Furthermore, you should also factor in the quality of the slabs you are purchasing, as not all granite are the same. So how do you pick the good ones that will give you the best value for money?

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The more options, the better

If you are undecided or have little or no clue as to which type of granite will match your spaces, then it is best if you go for suppliers and providers who offer an extensive catalog. Aside from the more common options like black, pantone, and classic designs, you should also consider checking out other colors that are not commonly used. Companies like Granite Busters carry a long list of options that come in unique colors that will surely transform any space.

Assistance is key

“Granite is the clear winner for most in natural appeal. Its beauty is unmatched, since the mineral deposits present in this natural stone give off stunning designs and colors that play off one another. There are many types of granite, and most owners find the colors to complement their kitchen’s scheme easily.”

If you have limited knowledge regarding granite and choosing the best ones with the right color schemes, it is advisable that you talk to experienced St. Louis granite providers for guidance right from the start, during the selection process. Tell them what you want to see in your bathroom or kitchen and share some of your ideas, which will help them choose the right kind of granite style for you.


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