Kitchen Colors: Choosing Floor Tiles and Countertops in St. Louis

No matter how messy it might end up becoming at the end of a busy day, your kitchen doesn’t have to look unsightly, especially if you know how to keep its colors from clashing against each other, thereby turning it into an eyesore. An efficient way to do this is to match your St. Louis countertops with your kitchen floor tiles. Here are some easy tips on how to choose both fixtures.

Kitchen Colors: Choosing Floor Tiles and Countertops in St. Louis

Play with Color

Before you shop for tiles and countertops, you should get a good idea of what color scheme to use for your kitchen in the first place (it should have at least two dominant colors and one accent color). Compare how different hues contrast, and choose the one that you think suits your kitchen best – think function, space, and brightness when selecting.

Countertop Materials

Now that you have a color scheme in your head, you should choose your materials next, especially your countertops, since they might be your most expensive venture. Choose between granite, marble, quartz, and any other materials leading local distributors like Granite Busters might have, keeping in mind that each material will have different color options (this isn’t to say that you should prioritize color over quality, though).

Marble or Granite Color Variations

This is where things get tricky: granite or marble countertops don’t just come in one color, since they are quarried instead of manufactured in a factory. You might see a slab that’s predominantly red or green, with splatters or specks of beige, brown, rust, or other hues that come naturally. In matching such a countertop with your floor tiles, consider a tile color that complements the color variations of your chosen countertop material.


Here are some more tips from an SFGate article by Jann Seal about how you can better match your kitchen countertops with your floor tiles:

“Match either the dominant countertop color or one of its secondary colors with a floor tile that is similar in hue. Use black galaxy granite containing speckles of bronze against a porcelain tile floor with a muted orange base that accents the bronze. Install a ubatuba black granite countertop over white cabinetry and finish the look with white porcelain tiles, preferably with a pattern to prevent slipping.”

Choose only the most durable St. Louis countertops and floor tiles that are bound to last for a long time. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of your new color-synchronized kitchen without the disadvantage of having to take everything out for repairs or replacement every so often. Always remember, though, that in the end, quality should have precedence over style and aesthetics.

(Source: How to Coordinate Floor Tile Color & Countertops, SFGate)

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