Important Tips in Sealing Kitchen Granite Countertops in St. Louis, MO

A huge percentage of American homes have granite countertops installed in the kitchen – and for good reason, too. Granite is one of the strongest rocks on earth, and it’s virtually indestructible, allowing homeowners to save big bucks on what could have been costly repairs, replacement, or regular maintenance for substandard countertop materials. This being said, though, thorough cleaning and sealing is still necessary for granite countertops in St. Louis homes.

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Before starting with your sealing project, you should first make sure that the entire granite surface that needs moisture protection is free of clutter that might impede the sealing process. This means you should seal it on a day and time when the kitchen won’t be in use too much, since after uncluttering, you will also have to clean the surface thoroughly and let it dry at least overnight.


Next, apply the stone sealer on the granite, preferably using a soft, clean cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding how long you should let it stay on the surface, after which you should wipe it dry. You should repeat this process about two or three times, depending on what type of granite you’re countertop is made of.


Here are some resealing tips from a Yahoo! Voices article:

“The granite countertops will need to be resealed once every 12 to 18 months depending on use. Harsh cleaning products can cause the sealer to weaken and will need to be resealed more frequently. The same thing will occur if acidic fruits and vegetables are chopped regularly on the granite countertop.”

You can count on many reputable companies like Granite Busters for dependable St. Louis countertops like granite, marble, or quartz. Nevertheless, it’s still up to a homeowner to decide how long his or her countertop will last, and it often depends on how well he cleans and maintains them.

(Source: How to Seal and Take Care of Granite Counter Tops, Yahoo! Voices)

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