Granite St. Louis Countertops Rule the Kitchen with Timeless Qualities

An article by Erin Eberlin for identifies things to consider when choosing a kitchen countertop. According to her, countertops are the most eye-catching element in the kitchen and should therefore possess qualities that stand out from, yet blend in with, other kitchen objects and surfaces. First-time buyers like you may find choosing countertop materials a bit daunting; with many stores out there offering a wide array of styles and colors, however, you can easily find a material that matches all your criteria.


You want to choose a material that can take abuse, and will not stain, crack, scratch or etch easily. You also want to choose something that is low maintenance, something that does not have to be oiled or sealed constantly. Quartz, granite, and laminate are popular choices for these reasons.

Among all popular choices, granite captures homeowners’ eyes the most for various reasons; one of them is that it’s among the hardest and most beautifully formed stones on Earth, which means it can withstand high levels of stress and force. For kitchens of exquisite homes like those in St. Louis, granite countertops are the ideal centerpiece. Aside from hardness and elegance, granite countertops may come in modular cuts or in slabs (the latter being ideal for kitchens that have a wide space). The author provides tips on how you can choose between modular and slab granite.

This can be done by measuring the length of the surface and the width of the surface and multiplying them together. This is of course assuming a perfect square or rectangle which is not always the case. You may have to add or subtract if the area you are measuring is an irregular shape.

Slab granite offers a more solid and dandyish look to your kitchen, although installing it can be very hard due to its sheer size. This is why you need the help of contractors who specialize in granite countertops in St. Louis, like those from Granite Busters, Inc., when handling slab granite. They can properly install the countertop at your desired corner of the kitchen and apply the necessary coating to increase its resilience.

Granite has infinite gradients and patterns. If you’re looking for one that goes well with your kitchen’s existing surfaces, consult companies like Granite Busters Inc., who offer granite countertops in a variety of colors and styles. Such companies are well-versed in the qualities of the products they sell, and that’s how you can be sure you’re not picking the wrong one.

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