Granite Countertops in St. Louis: Providing the Jazz in Your Home Bar

“Do you have a penchant for mixing delicious cocktails and drinks? Is entertaining guests at your home a regular affair? How does having your own bar sound, where you can easily make beverages and host parties in style? If this scenario seems appealing to you, then a wet bar is what you’re looking for.


It is a small home bar that comes in handy when alcoholic beverages are to be mixed. The design of a wet bar is slightly different from a regular one as it has a sink with running water and a refrigerator.”

Bar Design

The above excerpt from a Buzzle article written by Medha Godbole gives you an idea that you can bring the party scene in St Louis, MO closer to home with a simple renovation. If you want to turn a corner of your house into a home bar that you and your close friends will enjoy, a supplier of St Louis countertops such as Granite Busters can help you. Here are some tips and suggestions:

Granite countertops

According to Godbole, a granite countertop is the first thing that comes to mind when people plan to set up a bar at home. Granite countertops are already popular among kitchen remodelers for their ease of maintenance. If you want your home bar to be an extension of your dining area and kitchen, consider countertops that are of the same color as those of the areas mentioned, for consistency.

Seamless design

Some remodeling experts recommend keeping the wet bar countertop as seamless as possible. This usually means designing a cabinet with typical bar features such as a mini refrigerator, drawers for the utensils, and a sink. Your contractor can cut a large hole through the countertop to accommodate the sink fixture and other accent pieces.

Bar lighting

Never forget the lighting in your bar design for it will provide sheer ambiance to the setting. For instance, have small light fixtures adorn strategic places underneath the countertop lighting, plus several larger fixtures at other parts of the room. If a seller of countertops in St. Louis hooked you up with a dark granite piece, for example, the material can appear like it actually absorbs the light.

Who needs to hang out in St Louis, MO night clubs, jazz centers, and sports bars to, say, watch the games of the Rams, Cardinals, and Blues? You can do it right at home—with your chosen company and chosen ambiance. A well-designed home bar will always carry that fine appeal your friends will love. Don’t forget the drinks!

(Source: Wet Bar Designs, Buzzle)

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