St. Louis Granite Suppliers Can Help Boost the Value of Your Home

The housing industry is making strides, as prices are slowly but surely reaching pre-economic-meltdown averages. Homeowners who were previously hesitant to enter the market are now more than welcome to list their homes for sale. Many of them, however, understand that selling a house can become an arduous task, despite the recovering rates and rosy outlook.

Remodeling Tips

Buyers are picky, and it can take a significant amount of time before a home seller can reel in a potential buyer. For this reason, homeowners who want to attract buyers should consider having a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation, and should approach a St. Louis granite supplier for bath fixture and countertop materials.

An April 3, 2014 story on the North Dallas Gazette explains different ways of upgrading a house for sale:

“Maximize space in the kitchen: Homeowners can gain space during a renovation by extending cabinets up to the ceiling, or turning an awkward unused space into a food prep corner.


Develop a bathroom design plan: The layout and functionality of a new bathroom should be determined by who will be using it the most.


  • Kid’s bathroom: A double sink will help mornings and bedtime go faster, a pullout step stool built in to the vanity so little ones can reach the sink, and no-slip tile to avoid any bath time slips.


  • Master suite: Add a spa-like quality to a master bath with a heated marble floor (the small space will keep the cost down), a walk-in shower, and plenty of natural light.”

Choosing granite for St. Louis kitchen and/or bath refurbishment is a good idea. Granite effectively enhances the appearance of the kitchen and does not propagate the growth of bacteria on countertop surfaces, making it perfect for food preparation. Granite also makes bathrooms aesthetically appealing, especially with the array of design options on offer from suppliers like Granite Busters.

Future home sellers will discover that upgrading certain parts of the house to granite will potentially attract the right market for their home. At the end of the day, though, remodeling both the bathroom and kitchen should not be done only to increase the resale value of the house. They—as the current residents of the home—can benefit from it, too, as they will be the first to utilize the newly refurbished areas.

(Source: 4 Remodeling tips when prepping your house to sell, North Dallas Gazette, April 3, 2014)

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