St. Louis Granite Countertops Will Keep Kitchens Look and Feel Clean

The kitchen is a part of the home where food is prepared for consumption. A lot of people have their opinions of what a perfect kitchen should look like, but an April 3, 2014 article on The Chronicle discusses another important facet to consider:

Health Inspection

“The Center for Disease Control estimates that about one in six Americans — about 48 million people — get sick from foodborne illnesses every year. Of those, about 128,000 cases are severe enough to require hospitalization, while around 3,000 people die from foodborne illnesses annually.


While professional kitchens must adhere to food safety regulations in order to stay open for business, cooks in private homes may be less likely to stick with the stringent safety practices required of commercial food handlers. Unfortunately, lack of understanding or education about food preparation safety can lead to the growth of foodborne bacteria in your kitchen, and it can make you really sick.


CDC data suggests nontyphoidal salmonella, campylobacter, toxoplasma, listeria, and norovirus are the leading causes of foodborne hospitalizations, deaths, and illnesses. Abplanalp notes that botulism and E. coli are also of concern for home cooks.”

Restaurant kitchens aren’t the only places that need hygienic environments to be able to serve good food. Mound City households that want to maintain a “healthy” kitchen while preparing dinner should consider getting granite countertops from St. Louis granite fabricators, such as Granite Busters, to help keep their kitchen spic-and-span.

Kitchens can easily become breeding grounds for different types of bacteria. As the article mentions, countertops and utensils that come in contact with food can carry different kinds of germs. These food-related bacteria can cause serious illnesses among family members.

Therefore, considering granite for kitchen countertops in St. Louis homes is an important decision to undertake. Preventing bacteria growth is one of the essential reasons why granite is a good countertop or tabletop material. Using it for areas where food is prepared ensures that meals are mixed and cooked with utmost cleanliness.

The other benefits of choosing granite from reliable contractors like Granite Busters include its aesthetic appeal and added value to the home. Granite is a wonderful choice for people who are passionate about food and health.

Homeowners do not need to have the discipline of a restaurant to be able to serve safe and delicious food. Cooking that is done with love using sanitary tools and surfaces will suffice.

(Source: How Would Your Kitchen Stand Up to a Professional Health Inspection?, The Chronicle, April 3, 2014)

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