St. Louis Granite Countertops—2014 Kitchen Trends Say: Go with Black

Granite is the second hardest natural stone, next only to diamond. Its beauty and elegance is totally unique, it’s easy to maintain, and highly resistant to scratches and burns. If you’re thinking of having a countertop made of granite in St. Louis installed this year but are unsure which color to go with, know that all signs point to black. An article from Zillow Blog by Alexa Fiander states that “[b]lack countertops, open shelves or glass-front cabinets, and darker paint tones” are what’s going to be popular with homeowners for 2014.

Kitchen Trend

The group interviewed Los Angeles celebrity design consultant Adam Hunter for some tips on how to go about incorporating black countertops into a home remodel. The interview yielded the following recommendations:

“Try a different finish


Hunter recommends experimenting with black stone that is “honed or has a leather finish for a wood grain effect.” Because full stone slabs can be expensive, homeowners can get a similar look with absolute granite that is just as beautiful. For a more daring look that will take you all the way back to the glamorous ‘20s, try black granite with white flecks.


Accessorize to soften the look


Hunter advises homeowners to be “careful with your accessories” and vary materials. Mix white pottery or ceramic fixtures with stainless steel, and use furniture pieces such as bar stools to soften the space for a more comfortable look. “Use fabric that incorporates stripes with a little black to tie everything together,” Hunter adds. This will bring “lightness and a little more color” to your space.”

Gone are the days when kitchens were simply for cooking. Today, they define a lifestyle. Talk to St. Louis granite experts from leading companies like Granite Busters to discover the kind of countertop that will best suit your home – preferably black, but any lovely color will do.

(Source: 2014 Kitchen Trend: Dramatic Black Counters, Zillow Blog, December 09, 2013)

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