Black is 2014’s Color of Choice for Granite Countertops in St. Louis

2014 is projected to be a fruitful year for interior design and home remodeling aficionados; professionals and simple homeowners alike. The kitchen, considered one of the most renovated parts of the home, is expected to face a wide array of new design motifs as the year goes. Furnishings like chairs, tables, and kitchen counters are all highly modifiable. For the counters, stone tops are still steadily holding their own. Writing for the Zillow Blog, author Alexa Fiander reiterates some tips for incorporating shades of black in your kitchen counters.

Trying a different color finish for the countertop is recommended by most interior designers. One way is by experimenting with black stone that has a leather-like finish to achieve a wood grain effect. However, since full stone slabs can be expensive, quality granite slabs are a great alternative. Fortunately, there are a lot of reputable dealers offering granite countertops in St. Louis, as well as other areas in the US.

Black is 2014’s Color of Choice for Granite Countertops in St. Louis

Recognizing the tendency of some people to overdo a design, experts advise homeowners to tone down the blackness by accessorizing, as a means to “soften” the look. One way is to mix white pottery or ceramic fixtures with stainless steel, and use furniture like bar stools for a more comfortable look. Tinkering with striped fabrics also help in easing the overall blackness. Lastly, homeowners are also advised to experiment a bit with grays and other neutral colors. “Dove grays” are preferred to complement the black hues, as a way of lightening the mood of the predominantly black kitchen.

The predominance of blackish hues in this year’s home remodeling trends is not that surprising. In fact, while it may denote a feeling of grief (as referenced from popular culture), the color black had always been associated with elegance and sophistication, along with a dignified and strong persona. According to the science of color therapy, black can also absorb negative energy. 2014’s color trend might have drawn inspiration from these bits of information, as a way of promoting a classy feel in decorating various parts of the home.

For homeowners looking to pattern their St. Louis kitchen countertops to the current black granite trend, working with established companies like Granite Busters is their best bet. While kitchen remodels might seem simple enough for a DIY approach, it is still best to leave the job to the experts. They know how everything goes and follow basic guidelines to the letter, all while taking note of your personal preferences to ensure a fully-customized look for your kitchen that is authentically “you”.

(Source: 2014 Kitchen Trend: Dramatic Black Counters, Zillow Blog, December 9, 2013)

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